Lease Terms and Conditions
This Contract was entered into pursuant to the clauses stipulated in the Form, which shall be an integral part hereof.

Obligations and Responsibilities of the Lessee
The Lessee shall:

      • Use the vehicle as intended and keep it with good husbandry.
      • Close and lock the car and turn on its alarm; park the car in a secure car park or on other specifically designated places while the vehicle is not being used thereby.
      • Keep himself the car keys and documents while the vehicle is not being used.
      • Undertake all necessary steps to rescue the vehicle or to limit or reduce the damages to the hired vehicle, in case of an accident, damage or breakdown.
      • In case of an accident or damage to the hired vehicle shall follow the provisions of the Traffic Act and the Regulations on its Implementation regarding the drafting of a police report and any other documents within 24 hours after the occurrence of the damage (accident).
      • Provide full cooperation to the Lessor and the Insurance Company for the clarification of the incident and the damages caused.
      • The Lessee shall not

– assign, sell, mortgage or pledge the hired vehicle, nor use it in any other way, which may be to the Lessor’s detriment;

– use the vehicle for towing another vehicle or a trailer or for taking part in races, learning and training sessions, tests, or to carry any large or bulk cargo;

– drive the vehicle when drunk or under the influence of drugs or any other narcotic substances;

– take the vehicle out of the country.

Delivery and Acceptance of Vehicle

  • The vehicle shall be delivered to the Lessee in an operating technical condition, good appearance and together with the obligatory equipment required by the Traffic Police authorities.
  • The Lessee shall return the vehicle and the documents in the same condition and appearance on the agreed day, time and place.
  • Any failure to return the hired vehicle 24 hours after the expiry of the agreed period shall be considered misappropriation and the Lessor shall notify the competent authorities (Ministry of the Interior and the Insurance Company) by declaring both the vehicle and the client for national search and keeping all rights hereunder. In such case the Lessee shall pay a penalty equal to the rent payable for each day plus an interest of 10% for each day of the delay.

Damages and Missed Benefits

  • Any damages caused by the Lessee as a result of any unintended use of the vehicle (drunk driving, drugs or narcotic substances) shall be covered by the Lessee.
  • In case of a car accident caused through the Lessee’s fault, or if the Lessee fails to present a Traffic Police report, the deposit shall pass into the Lessor’s possession.
  • Any damages caused by the Lessee in excess of the deposit, which are not supported by a Traffic Police report presented by the Lessee, shall be entirely at the Lessee’s expense.
  • In case of a car accident, the Lessee shall cover any fees payable for emergency service, parking and suchlike resulting from the car accident.
  • The Lessee shall bear liability for any third party damages caused through his fault and he shall cover the sum paid under the Public Liability Insurance by the Insurance Company within the common required period.
  • In case of any loss, theft or destruction of a car document, car key or license plates, the Lessee shall pay the expenses incurred on the recovery of the said items as well as a penalty at the amount of the car rent within three days.
  • In case of any damages caused by the Lessee through his fault, which result in the vehicle being serviced at a car garage, the Lessor shall be entitled to require the payment of 50% of the car rent for the period of the vehicle service to cover missed benefits.
  • The Lessee shall pay for any damages, which are not covered by the Motor Hull Insurance, for damaged tyres, stolen cassette recorder, any damages to the vehicle for which no Traffic Police report has been submitted, etc.
  • If the vehicle is returned by the Lessee with less fuel in its tank than the vehicle has been delivered with, the Lessee shall pay 1.00 Euro per 1 liter of fuel.
  • The Lessee shall pay all fines, parking tickets and other sanctions imposed thereto by the public order authorities, Traffic Police, police, etc.

Prices and Deposit

  • The basic vehicle rent price shall be the price for using the vehicle for a period of 24 hours and it shall be paid when the vehicle is received.
  • The deposit is a guarantee for the vehicle and it cannot be applied as a payment in any case of extending the contract. The deposit shall be refunded when the vehicle is returned.

Lessor’s Liability

  • The Lessor shall not be held liable for any damages caused to the Lessee or any third parties as a result of a vehicle technical breakdown during operation.

Final Provisions

  • Any disputes on the conclusion, amendment, execution or termination of this Contract shall be solved by negotiations between the parties hereto, and in case no agreement is reached by the competent court of law.
  • The Contract was made and signed in two identical copies, one copy for each party.
  • The Lessee has agreed that his personal data described herein can be used in case of criminal proceedings.

Other provisions

      • Delays:

– from 0 to 59 minutes no charge

– from 1 to 4 hours half of the daily price

– over 4 hours full price

  • In case the vehicle is returned without being cleaned, a charge of 5 Euro shall be paid.

One way rental CHarges / Delivery

      • The delivery/ re-collecting of the car within the limits of the town are free of charge:

– Sofia – € 200

– Burgas – € 100

– Obzor – € 50

– Balchik – € 20

– Albena – € 20